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What is a solar power bank?

A solar power bank is the same concept as a normal power bank. It gets charged and then you can use it to charge your devices, however, unlike normal power banks that rely on a conventional method of charging through wall power sockets, solar power banks – as their name implies – rely on the energy of the sun to charge themselves.

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Here are a few reasons to use a Solar Power Bank

The main and obvious reason for getting a solar power bank is that you’re going to be out and about and away from any electrical outlet for quite some time. These power banks are extremely great for any hiker enthusiasts and regular campers. The other reason for using a solar power bank would be to conserve electricity and save yourself some money on your electricity bill.

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What devices can be charged with Solar Power Banks?

Every power bank is made to charge your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. however, not every device is compatible with every power bank. Some tablets like iPads are extremely picky when it comes to charging and might even go as far as refuse to be charged by an incompatible charger. It’s extremely vital to make sure before purchasing any power bank or charging device that your device will be compatible.

Harness the energy of the sun!

So you’ve got your hands on a solar power bank, but you’re not sure how to use it. The process of charging your solar power bank is relatively easy and could take but a few hours on a good sunny day. You should start by finding a nice spot of sunshine, then simply leave your solar power bank in the sun to sun bathe a bit.

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Make sure however that the solar power bank’s solar panels are facing towards the sun so that they can absorb the sun rays. Most solar power banks will have a LED display of much power has been accumulated. You can use this as an indication when your solar power bank is ready to be removed from the sunlight.

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…”

If you find yourself living in an area with little to no sunlight, then all hope is not lost. Most solar power banks can also be charged with a regular power outlet. Not only that, but you can even use your laptop or computer to charge the solar power bank with a USB cable. Always keep your power banks fully charged. You never know when electricity will fail you or when you need to go on an unplanned trip somewhere.

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