What is a Power bank?

So, what is a power bank? A power bank (also often referred to as a portable cellphone charger) is a sealed portable external battery that one can charge via a USB port, wall socket or mini solar panel. The power bank allows you to carry a “charge” in your pocket, handbag or briefcase wherever you go. Power banks can extend your battery life by up to 2 to 3 times the usual life span and charge your phone quickly.

There are essentially 3 different types of power banks:

what is a power bank battery pack

Laptop Power Banks

These are some of the bigger style power banks. While not extremely mobile, they do come in handy every now and again.

USB Plug-in Power Banks

These are the front line of all power banks and are widely marketed all over the world. They come in various shapes and sizes and can even be customized to suit your needs!

What is a power bank USB Power Bank

Solar Power Banks

A ‘must have’ for any techno-enthusiast who’d like to brave the wilds but keep his tech recharged. Solar Power Banks use solar energy to keep themselves charged.

So What is a Power bank you ask?

A power bank is something that has evolved rapidly into an integral must have component for any smartphone or tablet user. Especially in South Africa with the amount of energy shortages that we experience. A power bank will be a great companion and a life saver in times when you desperately need a charge but are left without the conventional means to do so. Building on the latter, a power bank can then be turned into a promotional product, putting a face (brand) to the consumer’s saviour in his time of need. Elevating your brand in the consumer’s eyes.

“What is a Power bank? It’s the next best thing since sliced bread!” ~ The Promo Group